April: We are pleased to announce the takeover of local pest control company Step Pest Control Ltd. We are looking forward to working with the Step employees in delivering an unbeatable pest control service for local customers.
March: Itís been a busy month. We have worked on the biggest grain store we have ever fumigated and the biggest cargo ship we have ever gassed. R&D projects are underway. Watch this space.
February: We are now working towards the European Standard for Pest Management Services EN16636. This is backed by BPCA and Bureau Veritas and we very much look forward to our first audit!
January: Dealey are pleased to announce they are now full members of the British Edible Pulses Association. We are now in the UN International Year of Pulses and we are delighted to play our small part in empowering this industry.
December: A relatively new treatment to the Dealey portfolio is Dino-Mite. This is a residual coating for the control of red poultry mite. Trials for this new process finished early in 2015 and we are now offering it to poultry farmers UK wide. We are very excited about this new product as there are so few mite treatments that really work.
November: Dealey can provide phosphine awareness talks and pest awareness talks UK-wide. Our talks are educational, fun and engaging and are an extra useful addition to the training portfolio of any food handling or processing team.
October: We thought that contact rodenticides were dead and gone. Thankfully we were wrong! Racumin foam is a new formulation that coats the pelt of a passing rat or mouse, leading to rodenticide ingestion when the rodent cleans itself. Ingenius stuff, working well on Dealey sites. A much needed replacement for contact powder.
September: Break the fly breeding cycle in livestock units! We are now pleased to offer a new addition to our arsenal of larvicides. Maggots is a granular admix, an effective alternative to the current leading brand. Our prices will represent a saving of around 20% on other larvicides. This is especially useful for livestock farmers looking to rotate or renew their larvicide products.
August: Dealey provide fumigation solutions to the shipping sector including:

Port to Port Intransit Phosphine Fumigation
• Insecticide Admix treatment
• De-gassing of bulk cargoes

We are able to offer a competitive quotation coupled with a dedicated team able to react to your needs. Call us now.

July: Dealey can offer a range of store spraying techniques based on the specific requirements of your site. Discuss your needs with our office and choose from airless sprays, high pressure sprays, ULV fog, ULV cannon spray, powered mist……

The list goes on. It`s not just a matter of turning up and making the walls wet - We have the tools to best suit your stores.

June: We are in full swing spraying down grain stores. Pre harvest store disinfestation is a must for farmers, merchants and handlers who store grain for any period of time. A mild winter and a hot summer has given rise to very high levels of infesting insects.

Call in the professionals and get those stores treated. Call Dealey.

May: Now is the time of year to get your grain stores cleaned down ready for the new season. To ensure a fresh start, free from insects, have your grain store treated and claim 10% off for any treatments carried out in May.
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